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Hamstring Stretches

How should I stretch my hamstrings? 


Hamstrings are a PAIN to stretch so here are some exercises.

So if you are hamstrung on hamtrings then try these ones out, staring director Adrian Wagstaff much yonger. 


The Step Back Dynamic Hamstring Stretch (it was a long time ago!)


The Rotation Hamstring stretch.

Lots of other hamstring tips - so please call or book in to get them sorted!




Women's Health and Pelvic Therapy in Reading

 Rachel (Sports Therapist) and Molly (Physiotherapist) provide a service for treating women suffering from pelvic girdle dysfunction across both our Reading clinic at the University of Reading and our Tilhurst practice on Chapel Hill.  Rachel is a sports therapist with a particular interst in pelvic pain and the athletic pelvic floor.  Rachel can also treat using trgger point therapy or pelvic massage.  Her unique skill set allows her to look at patients in a holistic manner with assessment of both the pelvis and the musculoskeletal system.  Molly is a Chartered Physiotherapist and works in Women's Health at the Royal Berkshire hospital.  She is trained in the assessment and treatment of a wide range of post surgical gynecological procedures, post pregnancy and regnancy related problems.  See here for more details about Rachel and Molly and find the right treatment for you.   

Women's health is a branch of healthcare treating problems affecting the pelvic girdle.  It is very specialised because of the unique nature of the various problmes affecting the structures inside the pelvis, and the highly sensitive parameters for discussion relating to the bladder, bowel and sexual organs.


Prostatitis and CPPS

Chronic Prostatitis or Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndome (CPPS) are often considered Synonymous where pain in the pelvis is of a persistent nature and at Core Body Clinic in Reading, Berkshire we see a large number of men who have been suffering for a very long time.   In Prostatitis, there is often as an infection affecting the prostate gland.  However, only about 5-10% are actually bacteria related with the vast majority related to inflammation or non-specific pain syndromes. Prostatitis can affect all men at any age and accounts for about ¼ of all pelvic pain conditions, genital or urinary conditions in young to middle aged men.  Where pain persists after a period of time and after medicine has failed to resolve pain, CPPS or Chronic Prostatitis is a diagnosis assigned.  


How to strengthen the legs for Skiing?


Ah, les alpes françaises! ……………………..parlez vous anglaise ?






Its a good job Physiotherapists are EXPERTS at pain relief and EXERCISE! If you are suffering from knee pain or worried about exercising the knees then get in touch.  We will assess you and take you through our comprehensive examination process to determine the best exercises for your problem or training need. At Core Body Clinic in Reading and Tilehurst we are committed to keeping you in tip top form.  Skiing is a great exercise and incidentally, providing you are skiing within your limits, has a low incidence of accidents.  Most of the time people ski too fast, crash or attempt something they are not comfortable with.  For technique be sure to get a lesson or have a good look on you tube - kidding!


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