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About Our Treatments

At Core Body Clinic, Reading we balance our physiotherapy treatments to include 'Hands on' and manipulative therapies coupled with education, activity pacing and exercise to combine the very best in evidence based practice.  We also know that experience counts and the 'when to use and not to use' are important factors that research can not always help us with.  Research does not always help us with the 'individual' so we use evidence as a guide and apply our clinical experience to determine the best physiotherapy treatments. Our range of treatments include:


Electro-acupuncture    Chronic Pain    Sciatica    Neuro-pathic Pain    Tennis Elbow    HIp Pain    Knee & Hip Arthtritis     Tendon Pain     Headache

Electro-Acupuncture (EA) is the technique of combining normal acupuncture, or dry needling, with the application of an electro stimulus delivered through the needles and into the skin.  Electro-acupuncture is a highly effective modality and has been used for decades to treat stubborn conditions.  At Core Body Clinic we use it to treat several problems finding it particularly useful in knee arthritis, tennis elbow, sciatica and headaches.  Manual needle stimulation works by driving an immune response in the body and increasing the concentration of endorphins thereby suppressing the levels of cortisol, stress hormone.  The aim is to lower the sensitivity of the nervous system and reduce pain.  Conditons like sciatica or more chronic and long term problems where the pain is neuro-pathic, EA has been found to be effective as because electro-acupuncture reduces pain on local, spinal and supraspinal levels.  Therefore, not only is local tissue inflammatory chemical release suppressed but the pathways carrying informaiton to the brain are inhibited. In the central nervous system it enhances the release of serotonin and norepinepherine.  

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Spinal Manipulation

Physiotherapists at Core Body Clinic are experts in the delivery of Spinal manipulation.  It is very useful for lower back pain, mid back pain and neck pain and is similar to that used by Chiropractors and Osteopaths.  It can also be used to treat shoulder pain by improving the dynamics of the thorax and rib cage.  


It is characterised by a sudden and sharp movement performed by the physiotherapist and is often associated with an audible 'click' or 'popping' sound.  It is almost always accompanied by pain relief.

The physiotherapists at Core Body Clinic are highly trained in the art of Spinal Manipulation having undergone post graduate training and 1000s hours of supervised clinical practice and application.  Adrian Wagstaff is the Lead physio at Core Body Clinic and is also a teacher of Spinal manipulation.  He teaches Masters students the theory and practice of spinal manual therapy, travelling both nationally and internationally.

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Visceral Manipulation

Visceral Manipulation is a highly specialised therapeutic approach for the treatment of pain and dysfunction.  It encourages the normal mobility of the internal organs, also called viscera, and their connective tissuesaround them such as muscles, blood vessels and nerves. All tissues must be free to move in their anatomical way to prevent disease and dysfunction.  However, often our organs lose their normal mobility becoming tight and unable to move as they should within the body. When this happens the organs can give rise to symptoms and pain syndromes which can often mimic other 

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Joint Mobilisation


Physiotherapy joint mobilisations are part of the manual and hands-on therapies that we perform at our Reading clinics.  Our physiotherapists at core body clinic are experts in delivering these techniques.  They can be performed on any joint in the body and are used to treat pain and stiffness affecting the mobility of a spinal or peripheral (ie shoulder or knee) joint.  Mobilisations are graded oscillations of pressure directed at a joint an applied in a highly specific manner.  They are performed for a duration of 1-3 minutes and tailored according to a patient's pain level and tissue stiffness.  The purpose of mobilisation is to enhance movement by reducing stiffness and pain.  The physiotherapists at Core Body Clinic are trained to masters level and have undergone 1000's of clinical hours to perfect the skill of joint mobilisation.

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Sports Massage

At Core Body Clinic Sports massage is carried out by both sports mssage therapists and the physiotherapists.  As physiotherapists it is one of our core tools for dealing with for sports and general injury. 

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