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Face to Face  and Video Appointments


               Face to Face and ONLINE Physiotherapy

"If you need to see a physiotherapist, you can book Online or call the clinic.  If you think you need a face to face physiotherapy session, then please consider the current climate and understand there remains a risk of transmission if you are stepping outside the house. If you are in doubt then you must call 01189310053 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask for a call back. Online booking is available for those who understand the risks, accept the risks and have carefully considered their needs for physiotherapy.  The clinic operates a strict infection control policy.  We really want to see you - but we just have to point out the risks to everyone. 





We operate a COVID SAFE policy.  IF you require a face to face session, we have to ensure, under regulator and governing body rules, that you understand the risks of transmission that remains and that was ensure you are COVID safe too.  We must explain to every patient that there remains a risk of community transmission of COVID19 and we must not play down this risk.  The risk is variable and subject to change at this time and we have taken huge steps to ensure you are safe when you come to the clinic.  It must be stated what we work to remove 99% of the risk in our clinic cannot guarentee 100% risk free in attending the clinic.  However, we ensure we are deep cleaned regularly through the day and your physio will be in full PPE.  If you just need some advice or exercises then we suggest having an online session.  This is the same as any face to face where we dont need to put our hands on you.  Its safe and effective for a lot of conditions.  If we feel your condition is unlikely to recover with remote physiotherapy or you simply dont want to have one, then we advise a face to face session and contact the clinic if you are in any doubt.

Our criteria for face to face sessions are: 

  • A condition that will not respond to remote physiotherapy or you do not want an online session ( conditions: ie a nerve problem, pain that is not easing with exercise alone, where an accurate diagnosis will not be possible via video).
  • You are free from COVID19 and you have not been in contact with anyone who has had COVID19 within the last 21 days.
  • You have not travelled out of the UK in the last 14 days to a listed goverment location.
  • You are fit and well and do not have any madical issues.
  • You must read and sign our consent form electronically and send back to the clinic and you must accept there is a risk of tranamission and ***declare you understand this risk***.
  • You MUST wear a mask and one can be provided for £1. 
  • Your temperature will be taken on entry and if it is raised above 37.5 then we will not conduct the assessment and you will be rebooked (at no extra charge as this is not your fault).     


  • Points to highlight:
  • You must NOT ENTER the clinic on arrival.  If it is raining then you may step into the doorway.  Otherwise, please remain outside until the time of your session. 
  • Please allow extra time and do not arrive too early.
  • If you attend via your insurance then you MUST obtain permission for Face to Face. If they do not authorise the session then you are liable for the charge. 
  • See our infection control policy HERE


Our priority is to get you better and to do this without risking your health.  Our guidance is derived from that issued from the UK government, Health and Care Professions Council, Chartered Society and Physio First. 


During lockdown the clinic has remained open for essential treatment only. However, for the vast majority of patients we have been conducting online sessions via video link and this has been the safest way to assess and deliver physiotherapy. Government guidelines have been in place meaning we have not been allowed to offer non-essential face to face sessions due to the risk of cross infection and transmission of COVID19. While some restrictions have been lifted, the guidance on 2m remains in place for social distancing in the community.  Some physiotherapy and other clinical services are difficult to conduct with the restriction of 2m and therefore, where we are unable to keep 2m apart, safety measures are in place to ensure safety to you and our staff.  The safety measures are a combination of risk assessment, infection control and personal protective equipment (PPE).   During your consultation, the physotherapist will be using PPE.  For techniques that are aerosol producing, a full visor is worn.  Safety if our priority so please understand that while ensuring you are safe, we need to be safe too.