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Core Body Clinic (CBC) is based within Total Health centre on Chapel Hill in Tilehurst, Reading, RG31 5DG.  It was set up in May 2014 to provide Physiotherapy, Sports injury care, and Men's and Women's health to the local and wider Reading community.  We wanted to build a practice based on evidence and critical thinking to ensure that we provided the best physiotherapy care possible.  Our clinic is spacious with level access and there is ample parking outside. 

Our reception area is welcoming and our assessment and treatment rooms are spacious, very private and well equiped.  The clinic is run by Adrian and Sarah Wagstaff.  Adrian is a Physiotherapist and Sarah is a trained music teacher.  Sarah divides her time between the management of the practices and teaching.  Adrian qualified in 2001 and has worked in many areas in the UK and Abroad.  He is a sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapist.  He is certified MACP qualified physiotherapist and is also male pelvic pain physiotherapist. As a small practice, Adrian and Sarah provide some reception cover and will call patients back if only to acknowledge they have received their call.  We believe this provides excellent customer service.  For our Women's health patients we endeavour to have them called by our specialist practitioners.  However, on occasions you may be called back by either of the directors.  This is again to satisfy our philosophy on customer service.  You will not be asked to divulge any information relating to your condition to reception staff unless you choose to provide this information.  If you are asked then you have the right to not provide this information.  We want you to feel at ease with the clinical  environment we provide. 

If you wish to email the clinic discreetly then please use This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  All emails are under the control of the reception staff and no pre-judgment is cast relating to your condition so you can rest assured that we treat your private and confidential information with respect as clinical practitioners, our own code of conduct and that set out in the Data Protection act and the GDPR. 


Our vision is to provide highly experienced and specialised service to our patients with expertise in patient care, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.  Our guarentee is to provide the most cutting edge in musculskeletal physiotherapy and sports injury to ensure that you receive the right information, understand your problem and recover in the best possible way.  We guarentee to provide an honset approach to physiotherapy to ensure you understand the prognosis and the likely recovery time until you are moving and functioning pain free.  We promise to work with our patients to get them better and work at every stage of the rehabilitation process to ensure you are the right track to recovery.  Call or drop into our Reading on Chapel Hill or at the Sports Park for a free chat.   

Our booking system is integrated into the diary meaning you can see appointment times in real-time.  All you need to do is click  and register using either your tablet, iPad, phone or computer.  Once you are set up you can book an appointment. It is very easy and should you suddenly find your appointment is no longer convenient you can simply change the appointment at any time.  Of course, you can still email or call the clinic and one of the staff members will be more than happy to guide you through the booking process.  Hours for online and phone bookings are 24 hours. 


What happens at the appointment?


The process of examination and diagnosis:



 We will first work out what the problem is by assessing the causes.  This will involve a comprehensive discussion about the history of your complaint, how it started, what makes it better and worse, when does it hurt most in the day, does it disturb your sleep and do you have any other symptoms beside pain.  We will also take a history of your past medical conditions.  We will ask about medication and also about what sports and activites you like to do.  We will ask about your home life ad what you do for a living, whether you drive to work and how often you take time off. 

All of this is called the 'subjective history' and it is really important because it gives us the information to work out what is wrong.  We may ask you a lot of questions and this is called differential questioning and helps us to diagnose one condition from another. It may follow the format of a medical examination similar to what you may experience when seeing a doctor or surgeon.


In this part of the assessment we will look at the range of bodily movement or joint.  We will test muscle strength, neurological fuction and normal everyday movements.  We will also perform some special tests to isolate certain structures.    Physiotherapists are trained in delicate handling of the body. However, testing may cause some discomfort.   

Sometimes it is necessary to ask your GP to arrange bloods tests or xrays.  Physiotherapists are trained to look for common conditions and are particularly good at looking for problems not ameanable to physioatherapy.  We can tell if you need to see a surgeon and will refer you to the GP should we deem this necessary.



See our list on treatments to see the types of techniques we offer. 



Our “my pain is still there" Service

Even if you have visited 20 physios, 10 chiropractors, 5 osteopaths, an acupuncturist, the GP or 2 orthopaedic surgeons………..we would still love the opportunity to take a look.  Challenge us with the problem!.   



Who Are We?

Physiotherapy specialists in clinical diagnosis of pain and sports injury.  Core Body Clinic leads in the most cutting edge of assessment and treatment techniques to get you better quickly and keep you better.


How it works

Book an appointment on the phone or online.  Once you are booked we will confirm with a consent form and booking confirmation.  You have the choice to book online or pay at clinic.  It is very easy and you can call the clinic if you prefer to make an appointment in person. 

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