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Infection Control

If you suspect you have COVID-19/Coronavirus or you display signs, or anyone in your household,then please do not attend the clinic and please follow goverment guidance to self isolate: 

Please Note: You will not be treated at Core Body Clinic if you are ill or a staff member suspects you are ill.  Please respect the clinical decision of the healthcare professional.  They are trained to triage patients who are presenting as unwell.  They will offer advice provided it does not compromise their safety. 

Signs of COVID 19: 

  • Fever (Temp above 37.9)
  • Dry Cough
  • Loss of taste and/or smell


Everyone has a different level of risk.  Please consider your own need for shielding.

In light of the current situation regarding coronavirus/COVID-19 we are carefully monitoring the Public Health England and GOV.uk websites for the latest advice and information.



Core Body Clinic, Ltd.  Infection Control Policy: COVID-19 Updated June 18th 2020

It comes as no surprise that our current recommendation is that you do not attend or book in for physiotherapy treatment if you are suffering with a cold or flu symptoms until you are sure that you are no longer able to transmit your virus and you are able to confirm you do not have the COVID-19.  In the pre-COVID19 era, patients would do just that, so we are asking patients to continue to practice the same infection control procedures. In the current circumstances, we ask you to telephone the clinic if you have any doubts as to whether you should attend a scheduled appointment.  If this is on the morning of the appointment, then we have no objection and no fee will apply for last minute cancellations.  Your health and safety are our priority.  We appreciate that most people will not have the virus and will be suffering from a cold or flu like virus.  However, we are encouraging patients to pay due diligence to their situation prior to making plans and adhere to the directions of the DOH.

Core Body Clinic adheres to high standards of hygiene.:


  • All patients are screened before booking via phone, email and consent form.
  • All patients must sign a consent form declaring they are not ill
  • All patients wear a mask (if not in posession then the clinic can provide a mask for £1)
  • Patients may NOT enter unless invited and are instructed to remain outside the clinic, unless raining
  • You must follow the physiotherapist into the room
  • You must wash hands in alcohol
  • You will be temperature tested and if high you will not be treated
  • Other than a coat or bag you may not bring in other items
  • Bags and coats will be placed on the floor or designated area
  • The therapist will have ultimate direction of your activities
  • You will sit on a plinth that is covered with towel
  • All staff wear Mask (N95), Apron and gloves.  A visor or goggles may be worn
  • On leaving the clinic you will not handle doors and you will follow the therapist
  • Professional cleaners bi-weekly.
  • Regular and vigilant hand washing.
  • Pillow covers are covered in plastic and changed every session
  • use antiviral/bacterial, soap and alcohol spray before anyone uses the breathing holes in the treatment couches.
  • Patients who display any signs of ill health will be asked to leave the clinic.  No charge wil be made as the decision will be at the discretion of the clinic.

If you require further information about coronavirus, please visit the NHS website (www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/) for the most up to date information and advice.


Clinic Director