Online Physiotherapy Appointments

     "Consult your physiotherapist online from anywhere"



To Book : either click HERE or email the clinic on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  Once you have booked you will receive a link to our secure web platform so we can complete the online physiotherapy assessment via an encrypted video link.

  We use a really awesome exercise APP called Rehab Guru and you can download the Client app on your phone.  

Download the App on ANDROID or APPLE and get your phone or tablet ready. 


What is Online Physiotherapy?

A lot of patients think about physios as the people who screw them up into a ball and throw them around the physio room.  Others see us as exercise rehab specialists.  Well, we are clinicians first and foremost and actually spend 85% of our consultations speaking, demonstrating and educating.  This is why we offer online physiotherapy consultations and this is not new.  We have been offering online physiotherapy consultations for 5 years.  We have primarily offered this to our international pelvic pain patients and have proven evidence as to how excellent this service is for all of our patients.  Online Physiotherapy sessions offer the same level of expertise and evidence as you would expect from visiting your physiotherapist in the clinic. 

Physiotherapists using online consultations are skilled in the art of history taking and can tell what is wrong with you without needing to lay a finger on you.  That is why online physiotherapy consultations are the solution to remote access healthcare. 


How Does it Look?








Tele-Physio or online physiotherapy consultations are about unlimited access to physiotherapy.  We reach everyone and those patients in remote places and we have done this time and time again for patients who want to access our services from oversees.  We have performed hundreds of online physiotherapy consultations for our patients who have not been able to locate a physiotherapy specialsit in their local area or native country.  We have also done this for our sports clients who want to access physiotherapy while on holiday, or someone confined to their home due to an illness or social distancing.  We can stand in your house with you and via video link, bring the clinic to you.

Does it work? Absolutely!  What is involved?

  • Assessment - we take a detailed history and examine you
  • Diagnosis - we tell you what is wrong
  • Treatment - we provide a solution to your pain
  • Prescription exercise - we give you the tools to fix the problem and you get these on your computer or phone. 
  • Management plan - we give a clear pathway to recovery
  • Folow up - we provide ongoing support and treatment progressions 

Tele-physio delivers the same standard of care as face-to-face consultations.  We know just how effective they are because the evidence base proves this!  


  Exercise Prescription and Specificity matter!



"Exercise Prescription"

"Delivered to your mobile"

"Real time statistics on how you are progressing."









"Manual Therapy Manipulation"

"Demonstrations Online"

"Expert Supervision"




How it Works:

When it is time for your appointment, you will have been sent a code.  Click on this link and you will be greeted by your therapist. 

  • The video link is encrypted end to end meaning the therapist and patient are the only persons in the meeting.
  • He or she will take a full history and then perform an examination.  
  • Clinicians are trained to guide the patient through a routine of movements to detemine what is wrong. 
  • From here, the Therapist will direct the patient on how to rehabilitate their problem.
  • A full treatment program and plan will be provided to the patient and emailed.  It can also be opened by the Rehab Guru App.
  • Follow up appointments will be booked in the diary and the patient will get an email reminder and text of their pending appointment. 


Understand your exercises and let us control your progression.

Access your program on your phone with brilliant videos and clear picturures.

Plot your progression and we will make sure you do the right exercise at the right time.



What are the Charges and how do I pay?

We charging a flat rate of £50 for an initial 45 minute consultation

Follow ups for 30 minutes consultations are £45

Pelvic pain consultations last 1 hour and are £90 

 For Payment, we ask that you pay online when making the appointment or after the consultation using a card.  This is by far the easiest for us as a clinic.  If you are using insurance then no problem.  Tell us which company and what your special claim codes are and we can bill on your behalf.  For more information - please email the clinic on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.