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Skiing this year? Then get in shape with the Physio!

Get in shape before you go and lower the chances of injury……….Save the knees!

At Core Body Clinic in READING our Physiotherapists are experts at sports injury treatment and PREVENTION.


We know how to put you back together, so we should know how to help you to PRE-HAB your body into injury prevention condition before you go on holiday!

One of the best exercises for getting in shape for Skiing is the squat

If you know skiing then you know how much of a hammering your thighs and knees take.  We always recommend having a break every 20-30 minutes of skiing.  However, even 20 minutes is absolute murder on the thighs if you are not conditioned to the sport.  We have seen hundreds of injuries related to skiing over the years and most of the time they occur because we do this once a year and rarely prepare.

Fortunately, our Reading clinic is here to help and can provide you with a regime of exercises to keep you skiing for longer and injury free.  Of course, if you are skiing beyond your skill level and not controlling your speed then these exercises are pretty useless!

Recommended Exercises number 1:  the SQUAT

Stand with the knees just beyond hip width.  Squeeze the buttock muscles.  Then stick your bottom out and keep the back straight.  Lower yourself by bending the knees.  As you look down towards your feet your might normally keep the knees from covering the toes, but with a ski squat we like people to think about the forward weight transference required for skiing and encourage you to partially cover the foot.  Aim to lower yourself to about 80% of your total squat distance.  Hold here for 10 seconds.  Keep the bottom muscles tight and your butt stuck out.  Feel the burn? Spot on! Then raise back up to standing……………Done!

2 weeks till skiing? – follow this regime:



Mon                 4x15 5 sec hold and 1 minute between

Tue                  4x15 5 sec hold and 45 seconds between

Wed                Rest

Thurs               4x15 5 sec hold and 30 seconds between

Fri                    4x15 10 sec hild and 30 seconds between

Sat                   Rest

Sun                  4x20 10 sec hold and 30 seconds between





Week 2

Mon                 4x20 10 sec hold and 30 seconds between

Tue                  Rest  5

Wed                4x 25 10 sec hold and 15 seconds between

Thurs               4x25 10 sec hold and 15 seconds between

Fri                    Rest

Sat                   5x 20 10 sec hold and 15 seconds between

Sun                  5x 20 10 sec hold and 15 seconds between


The combination of reps and sets with rest times are to get the legs used to exercising and loading while reducing the possibility of muscle soreness.  However, if you are experiencing soreness then revert back to a lesser intensive session. 

If you are not sure then come and see us at our Reading clinic in Tilehurst and make sure you are SKI FIT!


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Adrian Wagstaff

Adrian is the Lead clinican at Core Body Clinic.  He is a well known and experienced physiotherapist who qualified in 2001 from the University of Huddersfield with a BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy.