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My physio just gave me an exercise sheet!.....and they haven’t made any difference!!”


Love it or loath it………….Exercise is therapeutic! Exercise is clinically proven to be one of the best methods for preventing injury, disease and reducing pain.  Exercise gets you moving and keeps you moving. But it needs to be specific, have a purpose and designed for YOU.  If you loath it - you just haven't found something you like...............

When we exercise our bodies do an incredible thing – Adapt!  Exercise enhances the strength of our cardiovascular system and increases the endurance and strength of our muscles.  It enhances the density and strength of our bones. It thickens and strengthens the cartilage, improves circulation and enhances the reactivity and response of our nervous system. The delivery needs to be graduated and paced but the more we do the better we get!  It is quite simple.  It starts from day 1 on our entering the world and stops the day we leave.  Our bodies NEVER EVER loose the ability to adapt to physical activity, whether you are 8 or 80yrs…….or 99!

Essential to recovery from an injury is exercise.  After injury or illness your tissues have been de-conditioned because of an injury or illness and the only way to recover 100% and stop this from occurring again is to exercise. 

At Core body clinic we love exercise.  We know that good old ‘hands on’ therapy is fantastic at getting you moving pain free.  Don’t worry, we wont hand you a sheet of ‘self help’ exercises if you are presenting with back pain.  However, once you are moving, and to keep you moving, we will provide you with an exercise plan that is simple, convenient and totally specific to you and your problem.  If your friend or family member comes to see us for a similar problem you will find that their exercise plan may differ from yours.  The exercise has to be made for you.  We are all different and we all present with a unique problem.  The exercise needs to be tailor made for your body, mind and life style.  If its not…….it wont work!

did he say 3 x 10? Why 3 x10 – why not 20x4 or 50 x 1?

Our exercise and rehabilitation plans are highly functional and the less we can give you that are performed lying down the better!  We don’t move much when we are laid on the floor or bed so we will try not to give you too many of these!  It’s also a bit odd to lay down in the middle of the office…….. 

If you want to get back in the garden we will make you strong enough to landscape.  If your ambitions are the footy pitch then we will get you fitter than before your injury!  More importantly the plan will be designed for you with the intention of preventing a recurrence.





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Adrian Wagstaff

Adrian is the Lead clinican at Core Body Clinic.  He is a well known and experienced physiotherapist who qualified in 2001 from the University of Huddersfield with a BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy.

Website: www.corebodyclinic.co.uk
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