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Our online booking portal has been up and running for about 5 months now.  It is used daily and even out of hours.  If you are looking to book a slot for Physiotherapy or Sports Massage and you dont need to discuss your requirements with us then press the book online button on the website, or above and view our diary.  

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Below is a little story and review about our journey, relatonship with TM2 and our experiences with online booking. 

Booking online and having 24/7 access to the diary, on any format (tablet, phone, computer, iPAD etc) and from any part of the world has revolutionised how we manage our practice and how patients can interact with the diary.  Booking patients in is always a challenge to ensure we meet their expectations and to book them in at a convenient time.  We are a business and a service provider of physiotherapy healthcare.  The changing face of healthcare in the 21st century has placed a greater demand on healthcare providers to cater for the requirements of the working person.

I started Core Body Clinic 18 months ago after 14 years working as a physiotherapist.  I was a sole practitioner and with a young family I needed a model to enable me to have the right balance while building a reputable and sustainable practice.  Our phone and diary are two of the most important components in our clinic model.  They connect us to our patients and ensure we find a convenient time for them to attend the practice. Talking to people puts them at ease and helps them to understand what physiotherapy at Core Body Clinic is all about.  However, I have always felt that we needed to offer our patients something more and I always had a vision of a model that enabled Online Booking directly into our diary.  Online booking is not for everyone.  Some will always have those fears of using online systems.  But, I really feel that TM2 have created a system that overthrows a lot of those fears and we are really pleased to be using it.  

Back when I started the clinic I was using google calander and secure passwords on Word to create notes and billing invoices.  It was totally fine when I was seeing 10 patients a week but I knew I had to plan for a busier clinic.  Soon we were seeing 40 patients a week and in addition to the Corporate Wellness service we provide this was becoming a real problem.  I started using TM2 having experienced the system at the Warr Clinic.  I had no idea just what the system could do.  It is an all in one system that creates a diary entry, emails the patient, creates an account and a full reporting capability to run off any number of stats you wish.  All letters are created by the system and bespoked to our practice needs.  One click and the invoice is professional and clear.  It logs everything you do for total piece of mind.

I needed a system that would be mobile for me to book a patient in from my mobile phone.  This was to allow me to man the system when recpetion (which was part time) was not around.  This proved to be a vital component.  I could rebook former patients for follow up appointments and email them directly just by confirming the appointment.  It was the perfect system to free up considerable time for me allowing me to, write blogs!  I have booked patients in while on holiday in the French Alps! that's how versitile the system is.

The addition of the Online service has taken our clinic to a whole new level.  Our diary is open 24/7 for those who choose to book online.  I could be sitting in a cafe in Reading on a Sunday and I can get an email from TM2 telling me a patient has booked in for Monday.  The clinic isn't even open on a Sunday and patients can access the diary, book themselves in and be sure that appointment is theirs! They get an email to confirm and an email is sent to our inbox.  The system is secure and patients can submit details about address and phone number which reduces clerical time for us as a practice.  There is no exchange of money and no card details are asked for during the booking process.

We are really pleased with the service and will be adding this to our central Reading practice when it opens in the new year.  It is great to be working with TM2.  They represent excellent value and provide a comprehensive support package to help us get the most out of the software.  I would thoroughly recommend it to the needs of the growing practice.

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Adrian Wagstaff

Adrian is the Lead clinican at Core Body Clinic.  He is a well known and experienced physiotherapist who qualified in 2001 from the University of Huddersfield with a BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy.

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