Specialist Spinal Physiotherapy (ESP)

At Core Body Clinic in Reading we want to provide an awesome service for our patients. For this we need equally awesome physiotherapists.  So, we have recently added Greg Pullum to our team.  Greg works at our Reading (RG2 7BW) and Tilehurst (RG31 5DG) clinics. 

Greg is a thoroughly nice chap and just happens to be a super skilled and very knowledgeable physiotherapist.  However, Greg is no ordinary physio.  Like Adrian, Greg also holds a post graduate qualification in manual therapy (MACP) and has completed specialist modules in advanced physiotherapy practice.  But, just to make Greg that little bit more super, he also practices as a Spinal ESP – this should stand for “Exceptionally Superb Physio”, what is actually stands for is ‘Extended Scope Physiotherapist’. The term ESP refers to an experienced physiotherapist who has received further appropriate training to work outside their normal scope of practice normally expected from a physiotherapist.  This might include extensive experience, additional competencies, a Masters (MSc) degree or membership of a specialist organisation like the MACP.  Greg’s current role focuses upon Spinal Diagnostic triage and advanced decision making to ensure patients have appropriate investigations and are referred to the right speciality in a timely fashion. 

He currently works within a specialised multidisciplinary service called the Integrated Pain and Spinal Service (IPASS).  This an NHS role based in clinics between Reading, Wokingham and Newbury, and Greg combines this with his new role at Core Body Clinic.  IPASS is quite cool and recently won the 2016 British Society of Rheumatology’s ‘Emerging Best Practice Award’. People referred to this service often have chronic and complex spinal pain and/or ‘referred’ symptoms, like sciatica.  They may have already seen a physio, osteopath or chiropractor, or have not been responsive to GP intervention and simple pain medication. Their symptoms may include: difficult to manage pain; unusual pain; a loss in strength; altered or absent sensation; and, they may have a change in normal every day function.  Leg pain is not always sciatica and clinicians often miss the subtleties of vascular (problems with the blood vessels) complications.  Therefore, Greg is used to seeing very challenging and complex cases of spinal, back and leg pain and it is his job to track down the most likely cause of a patient’s problem and find a solution to treating it.   

Having Greg at the practice (Core Body Clinic) really helps to add to the effectiveness of the team and also provides us with up to date referral pathways and processes should patients need to be referred on or require specialist tests like specific blood tests. Simple blood tests are sometimes not enough and it is often beyond the remit of your physio to appropriately refer to the right consultant service. Having the knowledge base between Greg and Adrian really helps to refine the referral process and assist your family GP should we need to refer patients onwards.  It cuts down the GP’s time, reduces the likelihood of inappropriate tests and saves the patients time.                                                                          

Greg’s Specific roles include

  1. Delivery of a specialist spinal assessment (Clinical tests of joint, muscle and nerve function 
  2. Organisation of appropriate further investigations such as MRI scans, XRays, blood tests or Nerve Conduction Studies via Neurology
  3. Prompt onward referral to the most appropriate secondary care hospital specialities.
  4. Consultant liaison (Orthopaedic Spinal Consultants at Royal Berkshire Hospital, alongside Physiotherapy Services, Rheumatology, The Metabolic Bone Clinic, Pain Clinic and Pain Specialist Physiotherapists, Vascular Surgeons, Neurology and all other Orthopaedic Consultants)
  5. Mentoring and Supervision and Training input for Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists
  6. Soft tissue and joint Injections for conditions like ‘Shoulder Impingement’; ‘Bursitis’; ‘Tennis Elbow’.


Greg is now using his working spinal assessment and diagnostic skills at Core Body Clinic to provide a more comprehensive treatment service for our patients.  If you need a specialist test or scan, Greg can relay this information to the GP, look to fast track you to another service or refer and request specific services.  On the NHS we cannot access scans unless via your GP but we are able to refer you privately from Core Body Clinic.

Treatments Carried out by Greg:

1: Manipulation

2: Joint mobilisation

3: Acupuncture

4: Rehabilitation

5: Soft Tissue Manipulation

If you are suffering from a lack of progression, poor diagnosis or ineffective treatment then give Greg or Adrian a call and we can help you understand your pain and problem.

The cost of Extended Scope is the same as regular physio.  

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Adrian Wagstaff

Adrian is the Lead clinican at Core Body Clinic.  He is a well known and experienced physiotherapist who qualified in 2001 from the University of Huddersfield with a BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy.

Website: www.corebodyclinic.co.uk