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Recently I was discussing our pelvic pain service with a former patient who still periodically comes to use the clinic for sports injuries.  He was really glad to hear about the rise in patient numbers we had seen since launching our pelvic pain service for both men and women.   David was really keen to share his experience about having pelvic pain and what he sought to do about it.  I asked him if he could write a blog and he did this for us!




Take it away, David.................................         



“................Around November 2015 I started developing pain around my groin area, I believed for 4 months that the issue was in my scrotum area and saw my GP twice regarding the issue. Once in December 2015 I went who advised that me to just take two pain killers a day. This didn’t work and the pain was still there, after the Christmas period the pain was still there and causing a lot of discomfort especially during the night when trying to relax which was near impossible. I went the second time and he advised me again nothing was wrong but to try yoga and go and have an MRI scan at Heatherwood Hospital which I did again nothing was wrong and he thought I was absolutely fine. The pain was gradually decreasing through January and February but was still there on occasion. Over the course of summer 2015 I put on quite a bit of weight around 10kg in total, in February I went through a massive weight loss program and went from 84kg to 79kg in the space of 3 weeks this definitely helped the pain as I originally believe and to some extend still believe now tight trousers was to blame. I was coming into work with 32 size waist trousers when I was 86kg I was probably near 36 size waist!


I also performed a blood pressure test in September 2015 weighing 86kg my blood pressure was 139 which was high for my age, I did another one in March 2016 (when I had lost weight) and was reading 118 which is good. I believe to some extend the added weight added to the stress on my body and made the pain a lot more sore. It is without a doubt one of the most horrible experiences I have ever had, I was waking up in the morning pain was there all day and going to bed with the pain, it did cause depression and strained relations with my family and friends. Unfortunately with this type of pain it can be a spiral as the pain causes stress and stress will just make it a hell of a lot worse and continued. With the stress element it makes you think completely irrationally and you think you have all sorts of pain which in this instance was definitely not the case.


I wish no-one ever to have this pain, which is why I am writing this today. I believe in some ways I am lucky, majority of this pain was stress related nothing physically wrong with me at all. But what I found to really get to the root of the cause was the Pelvic Floor. I will give you some background to me: I am a high jumper ranked in the top 35 in the country, I have had issues in the past with my flexibility which I know has always been an issue for me. I researched on-line pelvic floor pain and it gave me some helpful tips and advice but when reading it, it looked like it was written for women not men. This is not the case as I have found out. With the guidance of men’s physiotherapy I started performing stretching routines throughout the day, directed at my groin, lower back and hamstring area.  For only 2 weeks doing these SIMPLE stretches the pain had virtually disappeared or gone to stage where it was normal for me a year ago.  I continued these routines with progressions added over a 12 week period until I was pain free.  The key components were reassurance that I was not alone and this was not abnormal (ie – men do suffer this type of pain!) and the correct pelvic exercise and the sports specific advice!

To summarize below are items that helped ME stay in shape, stress free and pain free:


1.       Stay at good healthy weight – Consult BMI index.

2.       Ensure blood pressure is at good healthy rate.

3.       Make sure your body is flexible and ready for the challenges you put on it.

4.       Correct balanced diet.

5.       Ensure clothing around your waist is comfortable and there is space for your abdomen to relax.

6.       Hot bath with bathing salts.

7.       Supportive underwear

8.       Physio and – specific pelvic health/men’s health physiotherapy - GO SEE ONE!



I would like to express many thanks to my family, friends, Adrian (Physiotherapist) and Richard (High Jump coach) to help get me through one of the most  difficult moments of my life.

Adrian was highly professional and to talk to someone who understood my pains was just amazing.  I immediately felt at ease and Adrian was able to explain my pains in a way that no one else had been able to do.  He educated me about the condition and his manenr and conduct through the assessment and treatments was highly professional while maintaining a very personable tone to ensure I was relaxed and at ease.  He gave me a rehab program that we worked through over a few months.  I was able to use some self treatment techniques between sessions and this only helped me recover further. I cannot highly recommend the clinic enough. 


David ............."



It was really great of David to share this – and very brave! It can take men up to 7 years to come forward and see someone about their symptoms.  It can cause so much anxiety and we have seen the stress it can cause on relationships.  Pain in the pelvis can cause loss in erectile function, loss in the ability to toilet correctly and without pain.  This can be highly embarrassing and thus have a detrimental effect on personal and social relationships. 

For more information about the pelvic health physiotherapy service or the sports pelvis service we have at Core Body Clinic then please call 01189310053 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Adrian Wagstaff

Adrian is the Lead clinican at Core Body Clinic.  He is a well known and experienced physiotherapist who qualified in 2001 from the University of Huddersfield with a BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy.