Shoulder Dislocation

Physiotherapy is key after Shoulder dislocation. The injury describes the dislodging of the humeral head from the glenoid fossa, the two bony anatomical structures that make up the shoulder joint. 

 Most shoulder dislocations are anterior with far less being posterior.  Incidentally, posterior dislocations are associated with greater complications and are therefore fortunately less common.  The shoulder typically dislocates in association with trauma during a fall or tackle while playing sports like rugby or football.  The arm is often out stretched with the full weight of the body providing the correct forces to dislodge the joint.  To relocate the joint a trip to A and E is usually required. The shoulder may also dislocate without trauma and some patients present with insidous and spontaneous dislocation.  In these cases there may be a daily occurrance where the joint slips out and the patient is able to slip back in.  This is what we may call an 'Unstable' shoulder, also termed shoulder 'instability'.

Not all require surgery and it is dependant on many factors whether the patient needs to be referred on for surgical consultation or MRI scan.  At Core Body clinic we are familiar with shoulder problems and will be able to determine the best course of action.  Adrian Wagstaff has worked closely with the 'Reading Shoulder unit' ( and undestands the needs of patients who require a surgical opinion.


  • Pain is often diffuse through the shoulder
  • Initally sharp with movements
  • Movements are often guarded with neck pain as associated muscles help the arm move
  • Apprehension initially felt as if the joint will dislocate again. 
  • Pain may radiate through arm
  • If nerve involvement the there can me pins and needles


Rehabilitation is essential and assessment is key to determine those needing surgery before going back to sport. Exercise and specific, graduated regimes are always needed to enable successful return to sport.  Rehab must always be functional and consistent to the chosen task. 

At Core Body clinic, our experience in 'elite' sport has equiped us with the very best shoulder rehabilitation techniques to optimise and speed up the recovery process.

Treatments can include:





Core stability




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