Conditions Treated

Physiotherapy provides solutions and treatments for an extensive range of conditions, from neck and back pain to sciatica and plantarfasciitis. Details on some of the common injuries and conditions treated by our physiotherapists at Core Body Clinic can be found below - read on to find out about the symptoms, signs and possible treatments.  This information is not a substitute for assessment and diagnosis by an appropriate clinician.  Get in touch with our Reading clinic today and start the recovery process!

Piriformis Syndrome

Piriformis syndrome is a condition affecting the piriformis muscle and is familier to the physiotherapists at Core Body Clinic.  Adrian has researched this syndrome using ultrasound and knows what a tricky condition it can be to diagnose and treat.  It describes pain emanating from either the left or right buttock and may cause pain to be referred into the posterior thigh, calf and/or pins and needles in the leg or foot. 

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Frozen Shoulder

Physiotherapy is very effective for the treatment of frozen shoulder, a condition characterised by the shoulder becoming very stiff and very painful to move. We also offer injections for frozen shoulder and these can be highly effective for pain relief and for regaining range of movement.  Click here for more information about steroid injections. 

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