DNA or Late Cancellation

Late Cancellation (same day) and DNA (Did Not Attend) charge. 


When a patient attends the clinic, we ask them to sign up to the terms and conditions of Core Body Clinic, Ltd. 

We present the patient with a form and ask for their consent.  We ask they consent to assessment, treatment and our terms of the appointment.

Consent is very importamt to Core Body Clinic, Ltd. and the patient must read the consent form. 

Core Body Clinic, Ltd makes parameters for consent highly explicit and in keeping with GDPR (General Data Protection Act) and the Data Protection act. More can be found here

Written on the form is a warning that by committing to an appointment slot the patients are agreeing to the terms of appointment.

They agree to pay for the appointment whether they attend the clinic or not and this is detailed on our consent form where it is underlined and placed at the bottom of the form.  We ask that should they wake on the morning of the appointment and they are unable to attend, that they call the clinic immediately.  Core Body Clinic Ltd should not be asked to waive the charge and cannot guarentee that the charge will be waived under any circumstance.  We ask for reasonable warning and therefore the rules stipulated by Core Body Clinic, Ltd are that cancellations on the day of the appointment are charged in full.  

We promise that we will keep the appointment reserved for the patient and we will not put another patient in the appointment slot. We want to get our patients better and therefore our time is as precious as the patients. If we cant offer another patient a slot because we are full and the patient occupying a slot does not make the appointment then everyone loses out.

We are not able to offer the appointment to another patient and there is a loss for the clinic and the practitioner.  

We understand that events in life take place.  Thankfully, these are rare and quite often it is simple human error or a double booking.  We feel it is reasonable to charge for the time of the practitioner.  This does not mean that the patient can no longer attend the clinic.  If the patient is caught up with work then the appointment is still charged and the grievence should be taken to their place of work and not expressed to Core Body Clinic, Ltd. 

As a clinic we are committed to reminding patients about their appointment.  We send text and emails remainders the day before to ensure the patient provides sufficient warning if they are not able to attend.  The clinic has a 24-hour access call centre when we are closed.  Patients can email the clinic on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and can change their appointment online 24 hours a day by clicking HERE 

If a patient receives a bill from the clinic, they are welcome to contact the clinic via email on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - please do not call the clinic as only our practice manager will deal with disputes.

If the patient has signed the consent form then disputes are not the concern of Core Body Clinic, Ltd since the patient has already agreed to the DNA / late cancellation policy. 

Please remember that we make it clear on every email reminder and on our consent form that we apply a charge for missed appointments. 

We do not want to apply a charge if a patient has not had treatment.  Equally, Core Body Clinic Ltd. practices a fair policy io protect the clinic, practitioner and also the welfare of the patient to ensure they are seen.  The Late cancellation and DNA policy is practised fairly and applies to every patient. 

Please note we are NOT able to charge for a DNA/Late cancellation if your insurer is paying for the treatment.  The patient must tell the clinic to bill for the appointment. 


This policy has been written and updated by the directors of Core Body Clinic, Ltd

October, 2019.