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 Physiotherapy initial assessment and Treatment (45 Minutes)                  £60

 1 hour charged at £90

Online Physiotherapy Initial Assessment £50

Physiotherapy Follow up treatment (30 minutes)                                         £45

1 hour follow up £95. 

 Male Pelvic Pain, Prostate and Men's Health Physiotherapy (90 Minutes)  £180

Follow up session £100

120 minutes can be scheduled for more complex needs, Charged at £200 for initial.

***Please note your insurance may not cover the full cost (this is the case with AXA).  You may be required to pay and then seek to reimburse from youe insurer. ***

 Female Continence and Pelvic Pain Physiotherapy (60 Minutes)                £90

 Sports Physiotherapy (60 minutes)   £90 

 Running Clinic (60 minutes)   £90

 only available at Sports Park Clinic

 Sports Therapy Initial Assessment (45 minutes)  (£50)

Please note you may not be able to claim for insurance

 Sports Therapy Follow up (30 minutes)  £45

Please note you may not be able to claim for insurance

Sports Massage (60 minutes)  £60*

 Sports Massage (30 minutes)  £39*

 Western Pain management Acupuncture (60 minutes)  £90

 Tape per Roll     £10

 Formthotics fitting and supply within session and additional to session   £45

 Home Visit (60 minutes)  £95

 Please note Home visits exceeding 10 minute commute are charged extra.

 15 minutes and above are additional £45

** For Sports Massage with Greg or Adrian charges are £60 (1 hour ) and £40 (30 minutes)**

***Please note Sports Massage unless with a physiotherapist is NOT diagnostic.  If you require a diagnostic assessment then please select to see a physiotherapist or sports therapist***


  • Detailed Assessment
  • Diagnosis and an explanation of the problem
  • Treatment and rehabilitation plan
  • Treatment – including ‘hands on therapy', may include manipulation and/or dry needling
  • Exercises - specific to your requirements
  • Taping, if required
  • Acupuncture/Dry needle, if required
  • Letter to your GP at no extra charge