TERMS OF appointments, costs and BOOKING:

1 - you are responsible for your booking once you have made it.  you must ensure you have a confirmation email or text where possible.  an email is provided on the day of booking and a reminder is sent at 1pm the day before. Text reminder can be set up on request. 

2 - you are able to call or email the clinic and also change the appointment online providing ample resources.

3 - booking an appointment is a binding contract between you and the clinic and the clinic reserves the right to charge for the appointment if it is cancelled at short notice or if you do not attend (Did Not Attend) for the appointment,  We reserve the right for discretion and will not apply a charge only in extenuating circumstances.

4 - the clinic reserves the right to alter the diary and your appointment if it is of benefit to the clinic. 

5 - the clinic does not reimburse for cancelled clinics.

6 - tape, band and needles might be chargeable if your insurer does not cover these costs.

7 - your insurance policy is confidential and details of your own policy willl never be known by the clinic.  If an insurer informs the clinic that there is a chargeable excess we do not have the power or line of inquiry to discuss this on your behalf with your insurer.