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Electro-Acupuncture (EA) is the technique of combining normal acupuncture, or dry needling, with the application of an electro stimulus delivered through the needles and into the skin.  Conventional acupuncture requires manual stimulation and surface TENS does not penetrate the skin.  EA has the potential for profound effects on the nervous system.  Electro-acupuncture is a highly effective modality and has been used for decades to treat stubborn conditions.  At Core Body Clinic we use it to treat several problems and find it particularly useful in knee arthritis, tennis elbow, sciatica back pain and headaches.  Manual needle stimulation works by driving an immune response in the body and increasing the concentration of endorphins thereby suppressing the levels of cortisol, a stress hormone.  The aim is to lower the sensitivity of the nervous system and reduce pain.  Conditions like sciatica or more chronic and long-term problems where the pain might be neuropathic, EA has been found to be more effective at stimulatind the brain to release neuro chemicals an essentially place a filter to prevent overwhelming the pain centres in the brain.

Electro-acupuncture has the potential to enhance the concentration of endorphins within the body by heightening the stimulus offered by conventional acupuncture.  Essentially, making the nervous system aware that every needle is present during the therapy session.  With conventional acupuncture, the patient loses the sense that a needle is in situ.  With electro stimulation the patient is constantly aware that the needles are providing a stimulus.  This enables a continued drive of endorphin release with the aim of providing a longer and much larger treatment effect.  Electro-acupuncture has the potential to offer a patient who has previously had a poor response to therapy or conventional acupuncture the chance of pain relief.

Electro-acupuncture has been shown in many studies to provide relief superior to conventional acupuncture.  The machine uses different frequencies depending on the type, nature and intensity of the problem.  We can be-spoke the dosage specific to the patient and their problem.  The technique is different to TENS because the needles are often placed directly into the nerve and blood rich muscle tissue thereby directly influencing the central nervous system. 








All needles are sterile, and treatment is only carried out by a certified practitioner.  Typically, you will need 6 sessions to build up enough endorphins to see an effect with most patients experiencing a 50% reduction in pain after their first treatment.  Treatments can be carried out weekly and then followed up fortnightly and monthly.  The exact course of treatment is determined by the nature of the problem and the treatment plan.  A one hour session is required for every appointment.  


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