Formthotics Insoles


Core Body Clinic is now working in partnership with Formthotics to deliver this fantastic product. 


Formthotics insole orthotic solutions have been in use for the last 30 years and have provided physiotherapists with an immediate solution to foot, ankle and lower limb biomechanical problems.  These easy to apply and low-cost insoles can be added during your consultation to remedy an endless number lower limb problems. 








At Core Body Clinic we are trained to assess foot and lower limb posture to determine whether the Formthotics solution is right for you.  We have used this product oursleves for nearly 15 years after Adrian Wagstaff worked in New Zealand and was introduced to the founder of the Formthotics system, Dr Charlie Baycroft.  Dr Baycroft wanted a simple solution for his patients.  Adrian was amazed by the low-cost alternative to the costly and often over priced custom built insoles that offer little over these easy to fit orthotic solutions.  Adrian who has worn insoles himself for ankle and knee pain for the last 20 years gives his full backing after dicovering this product while in New Zealand.  He has not been able to recommend another product over this one in 15 years. 




These easy to fit insoles can be molded to your shoes and more importantly to your foot in a matter of minutes using a special heat molding machine that we have at both our clinics in Reading and Tilehurst. This saves time, allows you to rehabilitate pain free instead of waiting The machine softens the insoles cauing them to deepen at the appropriate sites to allow the foot to be manipulated, dropping the joint of the big toe down and supporting the instep of the foot, therby creating an arch support.  

Using foot lowerr limb biomechanical knowledge, it is possible to influence the foot and dramatically enhance the efficiancy of the lowerr limb allowing a quick solution to running and lower limb pain. 



Formthotics can be fitted to almost any shoe from ski boot to work shoe, from welly boot to running trainer.  We use a combination of tests to understand how your leg moves and foot distorts through walking and running.  It is essential that we fit the correctly shaped orthotic with the appropriate firmness, width and for the activity type. 


Your trainer or sports shoe may have come with an insole.  The firmness and quality will depend greatly on the shoe manufacturer.  Over the years, products have been released to the market with a lesser quality insole with many company’s opting to leave the decision for the individual as to whether they continue to use the insole already with the shoe or a more custom fitted product.


What can Formthitics be used for?

  • Planterfasciitis
  • Achilles Tenonitis / Tendinopathy
  • Knee pain / Patella pain
  • Shin Splints
  • Runners Knee
  • Lower Back Pain (where there is a clear biomechanical issue)
  • Bursitis of the Hip and Knee



Insoles are often used in combination with a treatment regime to help you to continue to train, function or rehabilitate with less pain.  It is sometimes necessary to continue to wear the insoles long after your treatment is complete.  Some patients may only require the insoles for a short period and the product can be removed after treatment is complete.  However, the mechanical and preventative properties of the Formthotic system means you may continue to use the system because of the enhanced mechanical posture of the foot and lower limb. We often recommend you extend these benefits to all walks of your life by fitting formthotics to all of your shoes.  

What does the reseach say?

Research has proven Formthotics™ to be effective in reducing pain, treating and preventing injuries and improving patient comfort. In many cases they have been found to be as good, and in some cases better, than custom casted orthotics in the treatment of lower extremity dysfunction.

Larsen et. al 2002 found that customised Formthotics™ drastically decreased incidence of back pain by 20% and lower limb injury such as shin splints by over 10% in military recruits.

Improving foot function and minimising pain

Chia et al. 2009 and Landorf et. al 2006 found Formthotics™ to be very successful in the treatment of plantar fasciitis. Formthotics™ decreased plantar peak forces significantly providing better relief of symptoms than both custom moulded orthotics and competitor pre-fabricated products. Both these studies also found Formthotics™ improve general foot function and minimised pain, improving patient comfort.

Strengthening muscles and tendons

Formthotics™ also encourage “flat feet” to function more like that of a normal arched foot, in turn preventing injury through strengthening otherwise at risk muscles and tendons. This was confirmed by Murley 2010 who compared activity of tibialis posterior and peroneus longus in those with flat feet with Formthotics™ and custom casted devices. He found that tibial posterior activity was significantly increased with use of both types of orthotics, however only Formthotics™ showed improvement of peroneus longus.


The cost of the custom insole formthotic system:  £45 (this is in addition to the session your are attending. It is a medical device and may not be covered by your insurer).