Corticosteroid Injections

Ultrasound guided Corticosteroid Injections

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About our Service

Our injections service in Reading and Tilehurst is very unique because we are one of the few clinics in the UK where we can assess, prescribe and inject during one session.  Our injection and diagnostic specialist uses only Ultrasound to guide the injection and only after conducting a thorough examination, history and ultrasound scan. The steroid injection service in Reading and Tilehurst is a fast one stop clinic where you can bypass your GP or ask your GP to refer to our speciliasts where you can receive all your care in one place.  All our practices are with the highest standards.  

When to use Steroid injections (Corticosteroid) ?

Corticosteroid injections are used when there is chronic inflammation within a joint or around a tendon that is not settling within normal time limits, typically 8-12 weeks. Corticosteroid is a naturally occurring hormone within the body. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory and is very effective at 
reducing the pain of inflamed areas. 

Many people associate corticosteroids with only short-term relief and there are many negative reports in the media regarding steroids. There are some truths in this, however when used correctly in small doses they often provide fast-acting long-term solutions for many conditions. 

In particular corticosteroids are excellent for:  
· Wrist Pain

- Elbow Pain - Tennis Elbow
· Osteoarthritis
· Frozen Shoulders
· Rotator Cuff Pain or impingement syndrome.

- Acromioclavicular Joint Pain

- Heel Pain
· Morton’s Neuroma

Why Core Body Clinic? 

Our injection therapist is a leader in his field and is a specilaist scanner and uses Ultrasound to accurately identify the lesion before the injection is administered.  (Please note an extra charge is made for the Scan prior to the injeciton).

We use the latest in injection techniques and only deliver the injection where we know it will make a difference. 

 ALL of our injections are Ultrasound guided. Research has shown significantly better outcomes when using guided versus unguided injections simply because you can be sure to target the specific injury.